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Umino Iruka
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Name: Umino Iruka
Age: 26
Occupation: History teacher.

At the young age of 10, Iruka lost both of his parents. The details are cloudy at best, and most are sure it was a gang related death; but Iruka doesn't believe his parents would ever have anything to do with crime. They were good people.

When he lost his parents, Iruka moved in with his grandmother in Konoha. Unfamiliar as he was with the new school, and strange new student his academic grades declined. But when confronted by a sweet older man--that was a friend of his grandmother's-- about his issues, Iruka slowly began to understand that life wasn't over simply because he lost his family.

He started to apply himself to his work, studying hard so one day he could help children as he had been helped.

Now at 26, he works at the local high school, teaching the students with a strict yet caring manner.

Portrayed by: Tamaki Hiroshi Role play journal for: in as_shurikenturn
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